Our Roots

An eternal hope

We are all complicated. Our identities are diverse and dynamic. We belong to our families, schools, universities, workplaces, cities and nations. But, at our core, we all share and experience an interconnected web of hope and resilience that transcends identity. Our deepest self is a timeless, eternal and indescribable mystery that propels us onwards and manifests in every moment. Whether we call that god, or love, or compassion or whatever other word may be used, that energy is at the root of Beyond Nations, and we are guided by it in all our endeavours.

Our Mission

Celebrating global solidarity

We aim to build bridges that overcome national divisions. We believe that communities around the world are mutually dependent and we are stronger when we cooperate to achieve our common interests. While national identity gives us an important sense of belonging, nation states are empowered by dynamism, inclusivity and recognition of the positive contribution that all of us are able to offer. Beyond Nations aims to inspire hope in our capacity to create a bright future for ourselves, for others and for the generations to come, through the celebration of global solidarity and cooperation.

Our Method

Nourishing our sense of mutual dependence

Through our online blog and podcast, we feature stories of solidarity and cooperation between people across nations. Each story inspires a positive narrative that nourishes our sense of mutual dependence, common ancestry and shared destiny with others around the world. Our podcasts feature interviews with individuals or organisations that have forged collaborations, transcended national boundaries and helped build a brighter future for all. Through our network, we aim to foster relationships between people motivated to share their talents with others on the Beyond Nations network.