Episode Four: Video Contest Interview Special

Beyond Nations held its first international video contest and invited contributions on the topic ‘How can India and Pakistan achieve peace between their countries without violence’. In this podcast, we interview our two contestants, Sitwat Fatima from Karachi, Pakistan and Jose Danilo D. Borce II from the Philippines and learn about their motivations for entering the contest and hopes for peace between nations.

Video One by Sitwat Fatima: here
Video Two by Jose Danilo D. Borce II: here


Episode Three: Rescuing Migrants Across the Mediterranean, the World’s Deadliest Frontier

Europe’s Mediterranean fronter is the world’s deadliest crossing, with thousands of individuals and families drowning at sea to reach Europe. Independent search and rescue operations, organised by grass roots movements across Europe, have mobilised to protect migrants. In this episode, we speak to Lea Main-Klingst, one of the organisers of SOS Mediteranee, a patrol ship that has saved thousands of lives.

Episode Two: The Cutting Edge of Global Surgery

Is it possible for everyone to have safe, quality and affordable access to surgery, no matter what their background? Meet Dominique and Godfrey, two doctors from different parts of the world working to make that happen. Together, they developed Incision, a worldwide network of students making global surgery possible.