Ousman Noor

I grew up in Birmingham in a diverse community with people of all nations. Upon moving to London, I practised as a barrister (lawyer) in human rights and refugee law and met people from all around the world, learning of their rich and varied histories. Throughout my work and travels I've learned that there is an eternal connection between us all and in the stillness it sings. I set up Beyond Nations to celebrate the melody.


Farooq Yousaf

I grew up in Peshawar, Pakistan, and spent my teenage years witnessing the US invasion of Afghanistan and rise of conflict and terrorism in South Asia. Hence, in my quest to study peace and conflict resolution, I moved to Germany in 2012 to pursue my Masters in Public Policy. Soon after my graduation in 2014, I moved to Australia in April 2015 to pursue my PhD in Politics from the University of Newcastle, which I completed in July 2019. My areas of interest and research include ethnicity, human rights, South Asia’s colonial heritage and Indigenous conflict resolution.